You Carry Me

Brenda Janz - "You Carry Me"                          

Holy God

Brian Doerksen - "Holy God"             

You Shine

Brian Doerksen - "You Shine"             


Brian Doerksen - "Today"                  

It's Time

Brian Doerksen - "It's Time"                  

Live a River

Danny Plett - "Like a River"               

Come To The Cross

Danny Plett - "Come to the Cross"               


Kathryn Scott - "Satisfy"               

Greater than the song

Paul Turner - "Greater than the Song"             

The Well 1999 (Live In The Spirit)

The Well 1999 - "Live in the Spirit"             


Steve Mitchinson War of love

Steve Mitchinson - "War of Love"             

Shake off the dust

Winnipeg Centre Vineyard- "Shake off the Dust"             

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