Free CD

Not By Chance

In 1996, our family recorded a CD.  

We have decided to provide the album as a FREE download to anyone who would like to have it. Because of copyright issues, one song has been excluded (“St. Judy’s Comet"). 



  1.  Time will find us changedLead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                   
  2.  More than words Lead Vocals:  Brenda & Philip Janz                                                   
  3.  Solitary place - Lead Vocals:  Philip & Andrew Janz                                                           
  4.  Treasure of my heart Lead Vocals:  Brenda Janz                                                       
  5.  Satisfied with you Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz & Loralee Thiessen                              
  6.  Cover me - Lead Vocals:  Andrew & Philip Janz                                                                    
  7.  Freedom to love Lead Vocals:  Philip & Andrew Janz                                                    
  8.  St. judy’s comet Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                
  9.  Way of life Lead Vocals:  Philip Janz                                                                                  
  10.  I need you to hold me Lead Vocals:  Brenda Janz                                                
  11.  Once in a lifetime Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                                          
  12.  Life giving one Lead Vocals:  Philip Janz                                                                   
  13.  I have you Lead Vocals:  Andrew, Brenda, Philip, Carolin, Ken & Ruth Janz               

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PLEASE NOTE: The distribution & copyright details are no longer current in the booklet. Copyright is now Janz Productions - All enquiries should be directed to: [email protected].

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