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  • I was born in Steinbach, Canada, in 1969.
  • My family moved to Germany in 1971.
  • I was surrounded by music, as my parents (Ken & Ruth Janz) where very involved with various music endeavours, the band Deliverance (Pic#1) being the most well known.  It grew out of a group called Janz Team Singers (not to be confused with the Janz Quartet, which was comprised of my Grandfather Leo Janz and others).
  • I spent most of my growing up years in Germany - cities like Loerrach, Cologne, Baden-Baden & Berlin.
  • I finished my last 2 years of High School in Canada (Saskatchewan & British Columbia)
  • Post Secondary Education at Capilano University (Canada) and Capernwray (England)
  • In 1988 I moved back to Cologne, Germany and worked with my Dad for a sound company called "Dudda” (Exclusive 'Meyer Sound' Distributor at the time, in Germany).  It was there where we built a studio in the basement of the sound company’s facility.  Pic#1, Pic#2 , Pic#3
  • During this time, I composed, recorded & produced my own music while being mentored by the Record Producer & Audio Engineer, Ken Janz (my Dad!). I also created musical compositions for various multimedia presentations (Tarm Laser Technologies).  Pic#1
  • In 1992 I moved back to Canada and have maintained residency since then.
  • Together with my brother Andrew, we formed a band called 2 True” (’93-‘95)Pic#1, Pic#2, Pic#3
  • I first started producing and engineering recordings in 1989, and have been doing so up until the present. 
  • Please feel free to peruse “Audio Exerptsfor examples of my work, as well asArtists”. 

Family Pic Sunset Bay 2017

The Family

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