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Not By Chance

In 1996, our family recorded a CD.  From the Inlay“The heart of this album is about seasons; seasons of pain and joy that draw us closer to God.  This is a family album.  It’s something that has long been waiting and burning in our hearts - waiting for the story to begin - waiting for the right time and place.  We feel that the time is now and the place is certain to be discovered......It’s not by chance that we are here; God has created us all for a purpose.  Our desire is that these songs, this gathering of experiences and memories would be an encouragement to you through your seasons of life.”

We have decided to provide the album as a FREE download to anyone who would like to have it! Because of copyright issues, one song has been excluded (“St. Judy’s Comet"). All other songs have been written by the Janz’s.

I have included the downloads in the AAC (iTunes) format (ZIP'd).  An additional link is provided for the album artwork.



  1.  Time will find us changedLead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                   
  2.  More than words Lead Vocals:  Brenda & Philip Janz                                                   
  3.  Solitary place - Lead Vocals:  Philip & Andrew Janz                                                           
  4.  Treasure of my heart Lead Vocals:  Brenda Janz                                                       
  5.  Satisfied with you Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz & Loralee Thiessen                              
  6.  Cover me - Lead Vocals:  Andrew & Philip Janz                                                                    
  7.  Freedom to love Lead Vocals:  Philip & Andrew Janz                                                    
  8.  St. judy’s comet Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                
  9.  Way of life Lead Vocals:  Philip Janz                                                                                  
  10.  I need you to hold me Lead Vocals:  Brenda Janz                                                
  11.  Once in a lifetime Lead Vocals:  Andrew Janz                                                          
  12.  Life giving one Lead Vocals:  Philip Janz                                                                   
  13.  I have you Lead Vocals:  Andrew, Brenda, Philip, Carolin, Ken & Ruth Janz               

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PLEASE NOTE that the distribution & copyright details are no longer current in the booklet. Copyright is now Janz Productions - All enquiries should be directed to me at [email protected].

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